Greatest Hits, Volume II

  • Released: November 23, 1981
  • Label: Columbia
  • Formats: LP, Cassette, CD, 8-Track Tape
  • Cover Design: Series of Signs

The follow-up to Greatest Hits (Chicago IX) contains material from that era, including “Baby, What a Big Surprise,” “Gone Long Gone,” and “If You Leave Me Now.” It also contains a few tracks from the previous era that didn’t make it onto the first set, including “Dialogue, Pt.2” and “Questions 67 & 68.”

  • Baby, What a Big Surprise
  • Dialogue (Part II)
  • No Tell Lover
  • Alive Again
  • Old Days
  • If You Leave Me Now
  • Questions 67 and 68
  • Happy Man
  • Gone Long Gone
  • Take Me Back to Chicago