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SING YOUR SONG – A Song by Robert Lamm & Jim Peterik & Friends

Robert Lamm: Keyboard, Bass, Programing
Jim Peterik: Vocals, Guitar • Neil Donell: Background Vocals • Nick Lane: Trombone Solo, Brass Arrangement • Ramon Yslas: Percussion
Robert Lamm / Jim Peterik ©2020

“This song has a long history…. The track and the melody date back to the late 90’s. (I offered the track to P. Cetera)

The original contained my Steinway piano, which states the melody, a cool ‘hand’ drum program, and my bass performance. I had no lyrics, I thought for a moment, about giving it to the Beach Boys.
In 2013, we started to jam it with Keith, Jason, but we had a tech issue that day, so we stopped. In June 2020, I sent it to Peterik, and once again, he comes back a few days later with a fleshed-out melody, and great lyric. He suggested the Trombone solo for the outro.”

– Robert Lamm

CRAZY IDEA – A Song by Robert Lamm & Jim Peterik & Friends
feat. Neil Donell, Vocals

Robert Lamm: Keyboard, Bass, Programing, Arrangement
Jim Peterik: Guitars • Nick Lane: Brass • Ramon Yslas: Percussion
Robert Lamm / Jim Peterik ©2020

“This track started with my ‘crazy idea’ of funky counterpoint and lots of spaces. Jim heard it once and had the idea for the lyric and actually wrote the melody immediately.
I liked his demo falsetto vocal, but once Neil heard it, we thought he should have a bash.
Once again, cool horns, hot percussion, and welcome to our world…..”

– Robert Lamm

FOR THE LOVE – A Song by Robert Lamm & Bruce Gaitsch
feat. Robert Lamm, Vocals & Desislava Kondova, Violin

Robert Lamm / Bruce Gaitsch ©2020

“For the Love” began as a ‘blank canvas’, provided by Bruce Gaitsch, songwriter and guitarist. Bruce is a long-time friend and has collaborated with me on songs for my solo albums, and was the guitarist on Chicago’s “Night & Day Big Band” album. His credits stretch back to Chicago (the city) where he was born. Among many artists, he has worked with Madonna, Jim Peterik, Richard Marx, and PeterCetera.

Bruce sent me a gorgeous recording of solo 12 string guitar. I manipulated that recording electronically, and composed the song by adding melody and counterpoint via Cello, Bass, Steinway Piano, and programed Drums. The solo violin is performed by Desislava Kondova. Originally conceived as this instrumental, we are now working on lyrics for a vocal version.”

– Robert Lamm

I FALL TO PIECES – A Song by Bobby Woods
feat. Robert Lamm, Vocals

Keyboards: Bobby Woods, Robert Lamm • Guitars: Keith Howland, Bobby Woods • Programming: Les Deux Love Orchestra
Bobby Woods ©2020 Available on Apple Music and in the iTunes Store.

“This is the third recording for Les Deux Love Orchestra I have participated in (also More Today Than Yesterday, This is Not America).

I met Bobby Woods thru mutual friend, Gerry Beckley (America). I was immediately impressed with his encyclopedic knowledge of rock music, vintage recordings, and written arrangements. We have similar taste and respect for Mancini’s scores, Steely Dan, and good visual art.

I’ve been anxious to bring Keith Howland into my outside C recordings, and Bobby is also a fan. I’m hoping to write more with Keith. Bobby writes original songs constantly, but also takes on other’s songs for arranging.”

– Robert Lamm

NEITHER ONE OF US (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye) – Neil Donell

Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye) was written by Jim Weatherly and originally recorded by Gladys Knight & the Pips. We hope you enjoy this stirring rendition by Neil Donell.

BORN FOR THIS MOMENT – A Song by Robert Lamm & Jim Peterik & Friends
feat. Neil Donell

Robert Lamm / Jim Peterik ©2016-2020

“The first collaboration with Jim Peterik started with a cassette-to-digital copy of a mid-90’s demo titled ‘Yo!Bus!’ Which I sent after our first meeting. Jim time-corrected my strange demo, added guitar, vocals, and synths. Wow!
I tried to sing it, and played around with the rather dated original groove. Cut to Feb.  2020, I rearranged the track, keeping bits and pieces of earlier versions. Sent it back to Jim and asked Nick for horns, Ramon for percussion and Neil for the vocals.
Thanks again to Larry Millas for his studio work.”

– Robert Lamm

DANCE INTO THE LIGHT – A Song by Robert Lamm & Keith Howland

Robert Lamm / Keith Howland ©2020

“In the late 90’s – early 2000’s, Keith and I got together to write a couple of songs for the next Chicago album. This was a problem. After the “Night & Day” and “Chicago 25” albums, there was at least a half dozen Best Of, Greatest, Re-Packaged, albums.

There was obviously little interest from radio or any major record company for new Chicago music. Our management was working very hard to keep our profile current. Fortunately we could still perform convincingly and with commitment. “Chicago Live”

To a certain degree, the band members did not agree on the viability of recording new music. Even with the advent of “Indie” record companies, there was lack of understanding that this required self-financed projects. Keith and I were of the mind that we should not stop making music, whatever the cost.

This is the point of the lyric.”

– Robert Lamm

EVERYTHING IS ‘GONNA WORK OUT FINE – A Song by Robert Lamm & Jim Peterik & Friends feat. Neil Donell

Robert Lamm / Jim Peterik ©2020 Available on Apple Music and in the iTunes Store

“I wanted to share the experience of being part of the creation of “Everything is Gonna’ Work Out Fine”.

Jim Peterik and I have now collaborated on writing and recording 2 songs. Our work together came as a result of mutual admiration, and finally, meeting at a concert our respective bands (The Ides of March & Chicago) performed a few years ago.
During this Stay at Home era, file sharing has been effective, as opposed to being in the room.

Jim Peterik is the most proactive and optimistic musician I know. Twice now, I’ve sent him a sketch of a song, that he grabbed, and quickly transformed (as his associate, Larry Millas said “he hits it out of the park”).

I had the idea of asking Ramon Yslas to create the drum parts, without drums … he completely understood! Wow! And of course, master vocalist, my other bandmate, Neil Donell did his soulful magic, from his home in Toronto: Bravo…Merci!

So between Jim, Larry, and myself, and brass help from Nick Lane, we arrived at not 1, but 2 versions of this timely song. Please enjoy this version as sung by Neil Donell, and stay tuned for a beautiful duet by Neil and Jim in the coming days.
We proudly and humbly offer Everything is Gonna’ Work Out Fine (lyrics by Peterik).”

–Robert Lamm

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