Another Chicago Chapter

This year marks 55 years of touring, and adding another chapter in the story of this band’s legacy. Chicago has continued to grow and change throughout five decades, releasing new music and bringing timeless hits to crowds across the globe. To celebrate this year, you will see at shows and in certain merchandise, that black and gold- this bands 55th anniversary theme; is a theme of passion, love, energy, and history. And what better of a way to celebrate 55 years than to have a new album releasing this summer for all fans, young and old to enjoy. Back in April, Chicago began playing one of their new songs “If This Is Goodbye,” at live shows. The song is a celebration of the moments we share with one another. More information on release dates and pre-order will follow early this summer.

With growth comes changes, and for those fans attending tonight’s show in Port Chester, NY you will be seeing Eric Baines on bass. An experienced musician, we welcome him and look forward to bringing Fan Club Members an exclusive about him later this summer. Throughout the pandemic and all the shows this year, we have enjoyed playing alongside Brett – most nights for a sold-out audience, and wish him much success. Any band member of Chicago who has played with us, be it one for one year or decades long, we wish nothing but best for them in their future music careers. The music has and will always be the backbone of success for this band. And because of the amazing fans, yes you, the loyal fans who have welcomed these changes over the years, this brotherhood will continue to grow and be there for you to celebrate live music together.

As loyal fans are anxiously waiting to come to a show near them, this summer will provide locations we have not toured, in some cases for almost four years. And with the summer tour, we are also excited to announce that we will be bringing back in person pictures with the band as we start to open back up fully in many of these venues. This will come with certain VIP packages- only our All Star and Gold packages. The formal date and location of when these will resume is still being decided, however this is one step closer to getting back to our normal VIP opportunities with Chicago and their fans. If you should have any questions about VIP, please reach out to our Chicago VIP team at; with only a few more VIP spots open this summer we hope to see you at one of the shows.

You can find a summer tour date along with ticket links HERE.

And in light of their new song, I will leave you with this:

“ I know, just a bunch of crazy kids,
look at all the things we did,
never thought it would end like this.
Wake up, playing in the high school band,
never really had a plan.
Made it to the promised land.
So, here’s a toast, to me and you and every single show…”

Cheers to the legacy, the fans, and everything that makes this band Chicago.

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