Important Information About the Club

While we make it a priority to offer Pre-Sale Codes and Fan Zone tickets for every show, there are occasionally shows that do not allow for artists pre-sales and holds. If you are looking for access to a specific show you can check our tour page for details each show by clicking on the show date. Pre-Sale codes will give you access to use a code on Ticketmaster or the venues selected ticketing outlet prior to public on sale. Fan Zone tickets are available via Chicago’s website, under the Fan Club Member Store. All are limited in availability and are sold on a first come, first served basis. Just because Fan Zone tickets are offered does not guarantee availability. You can access our tour schedule HERE.

We are happy to welcome members from all corners of the world, but be aware this is an English language site and most content will be posted in the English language. Feel free to post and comment in your preferred language.

All Fan Club Members can purchase Fan Zone Tickets or our After-Show Photo event from our Member Store. Tangible items available in the Members Store must ship to a US based address. Members outside the US can inquire about other purchase options by contacting the fan club administrator. Be aware, international shipping fees are costly.

Because Member Benefits are immediately available, Fan Club Memberships are not refundable.
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