Marmont Lane books is proud to release ROBERT LAMM SELECTED LYRICS, a folio collection of the lyrical work of Robert Lamm, founding member of the musical group “Chicago.”

The collection contains more than 30 of Lamm’s compositions, including many of his best-known songs such as Saturday In The Park and Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? as well as songs from his solo works and others never before seen in print.

“I don’t recall how, or why I began writing lyrics. My first songs were perhaps unusual, but sincere. As a primary songwriter for Chicago we experienced overwhelming success during our unexpectedly long sequence of recorded albums. Music and lyrics are very separate creations. I love doing both. My songs provided the opportunity to experiment, learn and develop as a musician. My music evolved, and so did my lyric vocabulary and intentions.”      – Robert Lamm

The book is available at Amazon, and wherever fine books are sold.

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