Chicago Band Members

Robert Lamm
Keyboard, Vocals, Composer
Lee Loughnane
Lee Loughnane
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Songwriter
James Pankow
Trombone, Horn Arranger, Composer
Ray Herrmann
Ray Herrmann
Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet
Neil Donell
Vocals, Guitar
Tony Obrohta
Guitar, Vocals
Loren Gold
Keyboard, Vocals
Eric Baines
Bass, Vocals

Latest News

Peter Curtis Pardini Film Wins Top Awards at Austin Film Festival

MAN GOES ON RANT, directed by Peter Curtis Pardini, won four top awards at The Comedy Film Festival in Austin, TX over the weekend. Featuring music by members of Chicago, the film won Best Actor for Brian Villalobos as well…

Chicago & Friends Canadian Theatrical Release

The theatrical release of Chicago & Friends in Concert is coming to Canada in select theatres via Iconic Events Releasing, Mercury Studios and FanTracks. “This concert film is a unique approach to any of our previous live performances,” said Chicago…

Chicago Live 2024 at Sedona Film Festival

Chicago Live 2024, a live concert film from filmmaker Peter Curtis Pardini, will be premiering at the Sedona International Film Festival Monday, February 26 at 7pm in the Sedona Performing Arts Center. Beginning with “Introduction” — the first song from…

Las Vegas Countdown to 2024

Join Chicago on New Year’s Eve for Las Vegas Countdown to 2024. The annual Las Vegas New Year’s Eve extravaganza will conclude with a massive 10-minute firework show launched from hotels across the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. The festivities begin…


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