Rhino Podcast – Chicago at Carnegie Hall Complete

50 years ago, Chicago was the first non-classical group to play six nights at Carnegie Hall. Super fans Jimmy Pardo and David Wild join host Rich Mahan this week on the Rhino podcast, for a deep dive into the new…

Rock And Blues International Speaks with Robert Lamm

From the July issue of Rock And Blues International magazine – Written by Kevin Wildman The year was 1969 and I had just left the movie “Easy Rider.” I walked across the street to the local record store to see…

Making the Trombone Cool for 54 Years

An Interview with James Pankow by Kevin M. McManus James Pankow is among the most influential and multitalented musicians of all time. A founding member of the rock band Chicago, Jim has written and arranged songs that have become the…


Chicago Revisits Its Best-Selling Live Album With A 16-CD Deluxe Set That Features All Eight Shows From Its Historic 1971 Carnegie Hall Concert Series, Plus Replicas Of Three Posters Included In The Original, Excerpts From The Concert Program And More…

Chicago Band Members

Robert Lamm
Keyboard, Vocals, Composer
Lee Loughnane
Lee Loughnane
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Songwriter
James Pankow
Trombone, Horn Arranger, Composer
Keith Howland
Keith Howland
Guitar, Vocals
Lou Pardini
Lou Pardini
Keyboard, Vocals, Songwriter
Ray Herrmann
Ray Herrmann
Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet
Neil Donell
Vocals, Guitar
Brett Simons
Bass, Vocals


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