Everything is Gonna’ Work Out Fine


I wanted to share the experience of being part of the creation of “Everything is Gonna’ Work Out Fine”.

Jim Peterik and I have now collaborated on writing and recording 2 songs. Our work together came as a result of mutual admiration, and finally, meeting at a concert our respective bands (The Ides of March & Chicago) performed a few years ago.
During this Stay at Home era, file sharing has been effective, as opposed to being in the room.

Jim Peterik is the most proactive and optimistic musician I know. Twice now, I’ve sent him a sketch of a song, that he grabbed, and quickly transformed (as his associate, Larry Millas said “he hits it out of the park”).

I had the idea of asking Ramon Yslas to create the drum parts, without drums … he completely understood! Wow! And of course, master vocalist, my other bandmate, Neil Donell did his soulful magic, from his home in Toronto: Bravo…Merci!

So between Jim, Larry, and myself, and brass help from Nick Lane, we produced this beautiful duet by Neil and Jim.

We proudly and humbly offer Everything is Gonna’ Work Out Fine (lyrics by Peterik).

–Robert Lamm


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